What Was I Thinking?

What on earth was I thinking when I decided to have the knee replacement?  Why didn’t anyone question me???

OK, that’s a little extreme, but during those first, very painful days, I really spent a lot of time thinking about why I’d put myself through it.  In my pain-killer induced haze, I thought about things like amortizing the pain over time.  If I’m good to go for another 30 years, then I suppose the benefit was worth it.  On the other hand …

A knee replacement is pretty painful. There is a lot of swelling, and your natural inclination is to keep the joint from moving to keep it from hurting, but you have to push through the pain and keep scar tissue from forming and the muscles from tightening up. I have had a great physical therapist who’s been working with me, and my kids have been helping me do my exercises twice a day.  I have graduated from the walker to a cane, and am finally able to take mini-showers.  I was quite motivated to work hard, since I knew from my first replacement that the harder I worked initially, the better the result would be.  So sure, I’m griping about it, but overall I can already feel the improvement in my posture and my walking, so here’s hoping that it will be a roaring success!

Next up will be my quarterly PET scan in a few weeks.  I’m expecting it to be just fine.

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One Response to What Was I Thinking?

  1. Deb says:

    This will allow you to keep working out and walking wo pain. We can go camping!

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