Pink October

As many of you know, October has been declared Breast Cancer Awareness month. We are bombarded with pink – football players, energy drinks, yogurt – you name it, and they seem to have slapped a pink ribbon on it.  Many of these companies tell us that a portion of their profits will go to breast cancer, but there are few details about exactly where and how much.

Pink-washing has become a controversial subject in the breast cancer community.  There are articles about it and many viewpoints.  For me, I am already quite aware of breast cancer, thank you very much, and am now much more interested in cures.

So I sent this email to some of the folks in my life, and would like to share it with you.

This is a broad based, long term study of women that hopes to collect data on factors leading to breast cancer. It is entirely online survey based, and they will repeat the surveys over time. Both women with and without breast cancer are encouraged to participate.

I think that participating (or encouraging the women in your life to participate) is a much better celebration of Breast Cancer Month than some of the pink ribbon stuff that abounds. I’ve already completed my survey, and I hope that you can too, or pass this on to someone who might be interested.

I am a big fan of Dr. Susan Love and believe that this is an important program.  Please consider checking out the survey and participating.

Oh, and by the way, please check your breasts.  Every month.  Get your mammograms every year.  And call your doctor if you even think that something might be wrong.

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