Good News!

Today I had my first PET scan since finishing treatment.  My oncologist wants me to have them every three months for the next two years.  It’s a good way to find cancer in the body.

I was pretty anxious about it.  Although I’ve been very positive about the new treatments and had no reason to believe that there was any more cancer, the possibility was always there.  I found myself thinking more and more about it lately, and worrying just a bit.

But the scan was this afternoon, and by 6:30, my doctor had emailed me to say that there were no signs of cancer!  Woo hoo!  I will go in to see her on Friday to go over things in detail before I take off on my vacation, but it should be an easy appointment. It was wonderful that she got the good results to me so quickly.

So, next stop is Ohio and Chicago!  I leave on Saturday for 11 days, and I know that I’ll really be able to relax.

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2 Responses to Good News!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful news! Have a great vacation and what a nice way to start it. I am so happy for you, I knew you could do it. You’re one tough irish cookie. Lots of love.

  2. Deana Spencer says:

    Catherine –
    you know Aaron has cancer and he is having a terrible reaction to the PET scanning he has to have every month for 6 months, every 3 months for 2 more years and then 1 every six months for 2 more. Have you heard about others reacting to the PET scans adversely?

    I am very excited to read how well you are doing. Miss you!


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