A Vacation From Cancer

I know that I’ve been quiet lately. There’s been nothing wrong, I just needed a short vacation from cancer. I was coming up on the one year anniversary of my diagnosis, I had just had surgery, and I needed a break.

So when my eldest son came home for a 2 week visit from Chicago, I decided to take a break. I didn’t have many doctor appointments scheduled, so I was just able to stay home and enjoy my family. All of my boys were home for Memorial Day, so it was a lovely, noisy time. It helped me to remember that there was life outside of breast cancer.

One of the things we did was attend a concert by a choral group that my husband belongs to. I met a few of my blog readers there who were happy to see that I was doing well, but I did feel a little bad about not updating more regularly.

As well as the visit from my son, I decided to take advantage of a break in my treatment to plan a little getaway. Since I grew up in the Canadian Rockies, going to the mountains is my favorite place to relax and recharge.


I found a little cabin to rent and the day that school got out, we headed up to Calaveras County in the Sierra Nevadas. I’m sitting under the trees with the scent of the pine forest surrounding me as I write this. It is so relaxing! When I listen to my guided imagery tapes to relax or prepare for surgery, I always imagine myself in the forest with that lovely smell of warm pine needles and earth, so being here just puts me into a great state of mind.

Besides all of the relaxation, I’ve been doing some medicine tweaking for the past few weeks. I am trying to get off the twice daily blood thinner injections and onto an oral medication (Coumadin) but it takes a while and many blood tests to get the dosage right, so I am still stuck with the shots. I’ve also started taking something to try to deal with the neuropathy pain, which has been pretty bad lately. It’s another medication where you start small and increase your dosage over time. Arrggghh – I’m so tired of pill bottles and empty syringes.

But I am relaxed and enjoying my vacation, and that’s what’s important to me right now.

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