I’m Back

It’s been a while since I last posted an update.  I tried writing a few, but they were boring to write, and therefore I reckoned they’d be boring to read, too.   But no worries, things have been fine.

The new port was put in. It was not the most pleasant hour  I’ve ever spent, but it’s in, it works well, and I can take showers again, which makes  it all worth it!

I finished chemo two weeks ago.  It wasn’t the high that finishing my first round was – although I have every reason to believe that the chemo is working, there is a fear there now that wasn’t in the past. It’s good to be done, though.  Like before, the side effects got worse with each cycle,  so I went through the nosebleeds again, the neuropathy got worse, and the fatigue just laid me low.

The latest PET scan went fine. The tumour has continued to shrink,  but at a much reduced rate, which was to  be expected. My doctor brought the results to the Breast Clinic (where an interdisciplinary group of doctors review the cases) and the concensus was that our treatment plan was sound.  I was glad  to hear that, as leaving in the lymph nodes is not the standard of care.  So it’s on to surgery next week.  I needed to wait 28 days between the last dose of Avastin and surgery, which works out almost exactly to the day.  They are tweaking some of the other meds as well.  My regular doctor said that I’d feel a bit lethargic for the next few weeks.  I just gave her a look.  Like I’d feel lethargy on top of the fatigue at this point!!

There have been a lot of good things happening, though.  I’ve made it out to a few movies, some old friends from college came up from LA for a wonderful visit, and I’ve been managing to get together with a few old friends and former colleagues for coffee or lunch.  I’m looking forward to both of my older sons coming home to visit in the next few weeks, and it looks like our killer hot weather will be over in the next few days  so I’ll have cooler weather for the recovery from surgery (and my next round of going shower free).

So think good thoughts for me on the 17th, and I’ll post an update after the  surgery.

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