Allergies and Avastin

It’s been pretty quiet the past few weeks, mostly just getting through chemo and side effects.  Yes, there’s a new one – killer nosebleeds, caused by the Avastin and exacerbated by my lovely springtime allergies. The weather here has been crazy, but we had enough very windy days that I ended up with my typical itchy and runny nose.  I think that I was doing my usual enthusiastic job of blowing my nose and just managed to irritate it enough to trigger nose bleeds, which are a very typical side effect of the Avastin.  But once they started, they were hard to control.  One to two hours long. Mountains of tissues.  Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

I talked to Dr S and she suggested thinking about skipping the Avastin next week. I said I’d think about it, but also asked about allergy medications. She gave me the green light to take the allergy meds, which I have been doing and which have had a huge positive impact on the nosebleeds, thank God.  So I think that I’ll keep on with the Avastin.  It’s just one more dose, and I’m too superstitious about the good results I’ve gotten to want to change anything at this point.

My surgeon called tonight and we had a good chat.  He is fine with staying on the Avastin and has scheduled my surgery to remove what remains of the tumor on May 17th.  I’ve agreed that if the PET scan shows nothing left of the tumor, we’ll cancel the surgery and go straight to radiation to take care of any remaining micro disease.   So the plan is firming up nicely, everything is getting scheduled, and hopefully, I’m making progress in fighting the cancer.

I’m also having a new port put in on Monday.  It’s a little weird, as I really only have 2 more chemo treatments scheduled, but I think that Dr S will just be more comfortable with being able to start me up on chemo again if needed, and the PICC line I have now needs to be flushed every night and I can’t shower with it for fear of infection, so I’m fine with it. I’m afraid that I am a lot less confident with being completely cured this time around, so keeping a port in for the next few years is probably a good idea.

So that’s all the news.  I get tired out awfully easily so I haven’t been getting out too much, but I’m hoping that once chemo is over I’ll be able to get out and spend time with folks again.  I hope that your spring is going well!

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