Chugging Along

I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I updated this.  Things are fine and I’m still chugging along.  I can’t deny that chemo is tough.  I was surprised that I was still not feeling great on week three of the cycle – my so-called off week.  I think that some of the problem is the lingering side effects of my previous chemo treatments.  My feet and fingers are still quite numb, so walking and standing for long periods of time can be difficult.  My fingernails are mostly grown back, but my thumbs are going slowly and are still prone to painful hangnail-like skin problems. The small reserves of energy I’d built up didn’t last, so I run out of steam very quickly.  And now the bloodwork is showing that although my white counts are staying good, my red counts are dropping below normal again, which is probably contributing to the killer fatigue.

But, I am happy to report that it seems to be worth it!  My oncologist is willing to say that based on manual exam, my tumour is shrinking.  I think that it is significantly smaller. Next week’s PET scan will be the true test, but I am encouraged.  We are going to wait until the scan results are in to decide on the next steps, so I’ll do chemo tomorrow and then just wait for test results.

It’s not entirely been sleeping on the sofa, though.  I was able to go to my knitting group last Tuesday, then had a lovely evening on Friday at a fundraising gala for a local cancer support group with a former colleague.  Today, my mom came over and helped me with some chores around the house, then I went with her to help her pick up her new iPad. I’ve  had some lovely phone calls and emails from friends and family, and my middle son drove up from southern California last weekend to spend time with me.

So it’s just been a slow, quiet slog lately. My head is down, I’m focusing on getting through the treatment, and praying that it’s going to work.  This is a much less well defined treatment plan than last time, so I stay pretty much in the day to day doings, rather than counting down to a final chemo date. I’m pretty tired of all the shots (up to three a day I have to give myself), but I’ve got my routine so it’s doable.  Thanks to everyone for all the messages of support.  They mean a great deal to me.

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3 Responses to Chugging Along

  1. nancy says:

    Cathy, you are often in my thoughts. I so admire your strength and positivity. You are a true inspiration. I look forward to getting together with you when you are feeling better and this is behind you! Take it one day at a time. Glad you have a good support system. Count me among them!

    Sending love, prayers, and positive healing thoughts!

    p.s. did you know that on Los Altos Drive almost every home had a woman that lived there that battled breast cancer? (my Mom was the first if you remember in the late 60’s

  2. stacy cobb says:

    I am glad too here that they think the tumor is smaller in size. I will continue to think positive thoughts and you an your family are in my prayers. I just moved back to San Jose today, looking forward to seeing you.

  3. Pauline and Gary Sager says:

    Cathy – I have just red your blog and was so sad to hear all the pain and struggles that you are going through. Gary and I will keep you and Cecil and your boys in our thoughts and send you our very best thoughts for that tumor to shrink and for you to heal. Pauline and Gary Sager

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