I Should Be Buying Lottery Tickets

I seem to be hitting every low odds, weird, extreme symptom or outcome with this damn breast cancer.  Triple negative, which is a less common form of breast cancer.  Extreme side effects to the Taxol. Recurrence after zero positive nodes when I had the surgery. Chemo resistant cancer.

And presenting the new problem du jour:  deep vein thrombosis.

DVT is a know, lesser side effect of the Avastin, but it can also be caused by the cancer itself. It all started with the PICC line. It was put in on Friday, I had chemo on Monday, and by Wednesday I knew that there was something wrong with it. On Thursday I had it removed, with a plan to put in a new one this coming Tuesday in time for my next chemo appointment.  But the pain didn’t go away, the swelling got worse, and I started to have massive bruising up and down my arm, shoulder, and chest.  Perhaps more telling, I had nightmares all night that something was wrong with my arm.  So blah blah blah, urgent care clinic on a holiday weekend, ultrasound, back to clinic, there’s a blood clot. Then a shot of blood thinner, two more tomorrow, starting on Coumadin on Tuesday when I’m due to get a new PICC line and my doctors are all back at work.

So maybe it’s time to start investing in lottery tickets.  I think that it’s time for me to start getting some fabulous payouts with this luck of mine, not just more and more diagnoses.

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