Making Progress

My MRI report came back with no signs of metastatic disease in the brain.  Finally, some good news.  My wonderful oncologist emailed the results to me on Sunday morning so I could know as soon as possible.

Having an MRI is interesting.  You have to keep very still, so you are sort of bundled into a very narrow platform.  For mine, they gave me earplugs, put thick pads over my ears, put a mask sort of like a catcher’s mask over my face, and covered me with warm blankets.  I had my eyes firmly closed before they slid me into the machine, because although I’m not particularly claustrophobic, I could see getting freaked out if I saw just how close the walls were to my face.  And it’s noisy!  Even with all the ear protection it was very loud.  However, there is an odd sort of rhythm/musicality to it – knock, knock, knock, knock, boom, boom, boom, boom,  scritchety, scritchety.  Hey, the procedure took about 25 minutes and it’s pretty boring in there!

So it looks like everything is localized and indeed treatable.  I’m still hoping to get an earlier surgery date because I obviously want this to be over.  I’m also a bit uncomfortable as the tumor is in sort of an awkward place.   I’ve actually picked up some easy knitting and it’s not bothering my hands too much, so I’m enjoying that as a bit of a distraction. Every bit helps at this point.

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One Response to Making Progress

  1. Louise says:

    That is good news!
    Also glad you can get back to a bit of knitting.

    Louise xxx

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