Of Course There Are Problems With the Sample

Dr. S called me on Tuesday and said that they were having trouble with the amount of tissue from the fine needle biopsy.  Pathology was finding it difficult to work with and it needed special staining and other processing so there was no answer yet.  In the meantime, Dr. S wanted me to go in for a PET scan so she could re-stage my cancer.  I was able to get an appointment for Thursday morning.

For a PET scan, they tell you not to exercise or take vitamins for the days preceding, and not to eat or drink for 6 hours before the test.  They shoot you up with radioactive glucose  then make you sit quietly in a chair for an hour without even being able to read!  Then you have to lay very still for 20 minutes while the machine does its thing. From this, the scan tells them where there are areas of increased metabolic activity. As has happened so many times throughout this, I had a very nice technician who explained everything as he went along, and who updated me on how much longer the test was going to take through the process.

So, yet another test and yet more waiting.  Sigh

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