Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Finally, after all this waiting, it’s the day before my surgery. I go in at 6 am tomorrow morning, with a 9:30 surgery start time.  I have to go in so early as there is a pre-surgery appointment to inject some dye or something for the lymph node identification.

It was a quiet week for me.  Since I was still hoping to get a cancellation, I kept pretty close to home and didn’t have much planned.  I spent time with my dad, and enjoyed seeing one of my aunts from Canada who came down for the week.  I am still trying to get out to walk every day, although there were some very hot days where I didn’t get out early enough.

I did watch a pre-surgery video on the procedure and I am not quite so icked out about it.  I just have to go in, get it done, and then home on Wednesday.  My menfolk are ready to take care of my, my eldest son has booked a trip home on July 12th, and I have been completely surrounded by love and support from everyone.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to realize how great the world is, how much love it’s filled with, and how many people out there who care about you that are blessed with.  Thank you all, and I will update this as soon as I have more news!

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