An Amazing Gift

My dear friend in Ohio has been a rock throughout this.  She texts me, and sends me links to cheesy videos on youtube to make me laugh, and today, she sent me a pre-surgery gift box

along with the following letter:

First, the story behind the tshirt. I was working a table for our ovarian cancer group at a Poker Run in Denise Youngs’ memory.  (For those outside the Midwest, a poker run involves a large number of motorcyclists  riding a pre-ordained route that includes stops at several bars.  They return to the starting point to drink more beer and have a poker tournament.)  Anyhow, Denise died of lung cancer, but her husband donates the proceeds to various cancer groups.

Her husband began talking to me about cancer, how it takes us by surprise, etc.  I mentioned you, and we talked about the importance of having support.  He disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a survivor tshirt, complete with pink ribbon.  He handed it to me and said: “Tell Cathy that she has 1,000 motorcyclists who have her back in Ohio.  Tell her to kick that cancer’s ass.”  A woman I never met before then engaged me in conversation.  She returned a few minutes later with the bandana.  She handed it to me and said: “Tell your friend I f***ed over breast cancer 15 years ago.  She should wear this during chemo to scare it off.  Let her know that I am dedicating my ride today in her honor.”

Also in the box was some organic mint tea, some scented spray, a blessed candle, and a ceramic angel to keep watch over me.

Thank you, dearest Deb, and the motorcyclists of Ohio, and my old work team who took me out to lunch today, and Jeff and family who sent flowers, and all of the old friends and new friends around the world who have sent prayers and well wishes and have asked their extended circles to pray for me.  This cancer doesn’t have a chance against this huge blanket of love surrounding me.

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One Response to An Amazing Gift

  1. Debbie says:

    Now get out that and kick that f***ing cancer’s ass. The cancer doesn’t have a clue who it’s up against – you are a fearless warrior. I plan on having you ride in next year’s poker run.
    Love, Your Ohio Sister

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