A Bit Disappointing

I heard from the surgery scheduler yesterday that my surgery isn’t scheduled until June 28th,  the day before my birthday.  If you know me well, you know that I do not possess an overabundance of patience, so I found the news to be disappointing. They are putting me on a cancellation list so that if anyone cancels I could get in earlier.  I decided that I’d go with either Dr. S or Dr. K – whoever came up first – if it meant getting an earlier date.  Now that all the decisions have been made and I’ve been so prompt on getting all my tests done, waiting just seems pointless (and difficult) to me.

Actually, this whole process is energizing me in a funny way. I had pretty much worked  non-stop for years as an engineering manager  (I slept with my Blackberry by my bed in case of any issues with Asia or Europe overnight). After 9 months of being unemployed, I had lost a lot of motivation and was pretty sluggish about things.  The challenge of putting together a plan and executing it makes me feel like back when I was working.  I am pretty peppy actually, and quite productive.  I am actually working with some of my contacts to let them know that I will be back in 6 months and expect them to be ready to help me find a job when I’m through with this.

One finds one’s  blessings where one can.

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