We Are Looking to Cure You

Today I had my meeting with the breast care clinic.  My husband and sister came with me, for which I am very grateful. We saw a basic video, then I met with my oncologist, a surgeon, and the radiology oncologist.

Bottom Line:

*  2.7 cm tumour
*  Grade 3 (aggressive)
*  Triple negative (Estrogen negative, Progesterone negative, Her2 negative)
*  Basically Stage 2, until I find out about lymph node involvement.

Decisions Made:

*  Full mastectomy
*  Chemo plus possible clinical trial
*  Radiation if warranted once the lymph node involvement is determined.
*  Reconstruction to be deferred until some future date.

My family was totally supportive of my decision to pursue the most aggressive treatment as quickly as possible.  My care team was very supportive of my decision to make reducing recurrence one of my primary goals.

Some quick impressions:

Dr. LS, my oncologist:  She talks very fast and is very quick.  I liked that and it made me feel very productive.  Her sense of urgency matched mine.  She’s the one who told me that her goal was to cure me. I already have an email from her regarding some tests.

Dr. K, the surgeon:  Very nice.  Very thorough.  Very supportive.  I would have been fine with her as my surgeon, but since I have already developed a great relationship with Dr. S, I’ve requested that he do the surgery.

Dr. F, the radiation oncologist:  Very helpful.  I hopefully won’t be having radiation, but he is on the team and emphasized his availability to answer any and all questions.

The triple negative was a bit of a blow.  I got an entire separate pamphlet in my package of materials about it.  Basically, there are some treatment options that won’t work on my cancer, although the trial I will try to enroll in will study one aspect of that.  I got a sense that the doctors think that the cancer is aggressive, and they were all standing behind me regarding my desire to treat it aggressively.

So, not the best day, but at least there is now a plan.  I’m waiting to hear when we can schedule the surgery (hopefully within the next 2 weeks) and have to have a slew of tests to get ready for chemo.

In the immortal words of the Ramones:


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One Response to We Are Looking to Cure You

  1. Debbie says:

    AND DON’T FORGET GIRLS WANT TO HAVE FUN. Decorate them with temporary tats and don’t forget to wear nice lip stick. Then, you can begin kicking the cancer’s ass …. Your Ohio Sis is here for whatever you need _ I can roll the medicinal joints

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