A Chat With My Surgeon

My surgeon, Dr. S, called me this evening.  He was on hospital duty and just wanted to touch base with me about how I was doing.

The people on my team are really kind of extraordinary.

He went over with me what will happen next week at the team meeting on Wednesday, where I will meet with a surgeon (him, or one of his partners), a radiologist, and an oncologist.  He told me that the basic decision likely to be in front of me is going to be one of lumpectomy plus radiation vs. full mastectomy.  We are still waiting for some additional test results on hormone receptors and other things, but they should be available at next week’s meeting.

He was not really willing to call a stage yet, as he wants to see the lymph node biopsies.  We did discuss that it is grade 3, indicative of more aggressive growth, and I asked him some questions about the lab report.  I am trying to get a context about whether my results are pretty bog standard, or are there things that are unusual.  He said that one of the comments was a bit unusual, but reiterated that there are a number of factors that go into the total diagnosis and that this is just one single piece of the puzzle.

He was caring, matter-of-fact, and I think that I might just sleep a little better tonight.

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